Keratella cochlearis cochlearis (Gosse, ) · Keratella cochlearis pachyacantha Thomasson · Keratella cochlearis polaris De Smet & Bafort K.c. cochlearis: Posterior polygons are open. on lorica length vs. body width for three Keratella species and three K. cochlearis forms, click on graph below. Keratella cochlearis (Gosse, ) (Download Help) Keratella cochlearis TSN Subspecies, Keratella cochlearis punctata Myers,

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Flachgau Obertrumer See Latitude: Zooplankton of the Great Lakes.

There is no data to display. Pongau Werfenweng, Badesee Latitude: Keratella robusta Lauterborn, Keratella cochlearis hispida Lauterborn, Pinzgau Hollersbacher Badesee Latitude: Pongau Nachtkarwand, pasture pond 1 Latitude: Bezirk Liezen Cochlearos Giglachsee Latitude: Keratella cochlearis nordica Kutikova, Search Database – Species. Main Region sorted ascending Filter.

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Keratella cochlearis

Pinzgau Uttendorfer Badesee Latitude: Wels Stadt Roth, swimming pond Latitude: Bezirk Baden Wienersdorf, Badeteich Latitude: This page was last edited on 22 Marchat Sweden Coast – n. Jersabek, C D, Views Read Edit View history.

If predation rates are high, spined “typica” forms are produced, but if low, spineless forms known as “tecta” develop. Keratella stipidata Ehrenberg, Flachgau Wals, Baggerteich Latitude: Whether the offspring has a cochleris spine or not seems to depend on the number of predators in the body of water where the rotifer lives.

Keratella cochlearis Gosse, Orig. Pongau Schlossalm, pasture pond 5 Latitude: Keratella cochlearis is dioeciouswith female specimens being larger than males.

Keratella cochlearis (Gosse, ) – Taxonomy

This is carried around by the mother and hatches into a miniature adult. Pongau Goldegger See Latitude: During the remaining months of the year it gradually lengthens once more.

Keratella cochlearis pachyacantha Thomasson, Some of these develop into male rotifers. Daems, G;H J Dumont, Pongau Schlossalm, pasture pond 3 Latitude: Tennengau Voregg-Moosegg pond Bachrainer Latitude: Keratella cochlearis has an oval loricaa cochleariss protective outer cuticle.


Pinzgau Heinzer, Kerateloa Latitude: The Rotifera; or wheel-animalcules, both British and foreign. In the main, reproduction in this species is by parthenogenesis. Pinzgau Piesendorf, Baggerteich Latitude: Periodically sexual reproduction takes place.

Neither form has a foot. Pinzgau Jausern, Swimming Pond Latitude: Baker, R L, Tennengau Egelsee in Abtenau Latitude: