Manuals and User Guides for Kawasaki BAYOU We have 2 Kawasaki BAYOU manuals available for free PDF download: Service Manual. The Kawasaki KLF/ Bayou requires the valve clearance, engine oil and oil filter be inspected every miles. Keep your Bayou free of problems and in. View File Kawasaki Bayou Service Manual Kawasaki Bayou.

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Any suggestions or tricks before I proceed?

Kawasaki BAYOU 250 Manuals

Does anyone know where this grey wire needs to be attached. I also found out bayoj the valves are a common cause for low compression on Kawasakis.

By Rick ShropshireThursday at The 96 loon had a connector with 6 wires where as the 88 had a 4 wire connector and a 3 wire connector. I had to find this photo on the “archives” and was taken before smart phone were even available I believe. But sadly I have no spark. I still fix shit, just takes me longer now with health and age, and Im on a low budget now. So now I have the engine turning over with the starter button. Its been treated rough but is still complete and functional with the exception of not being able to run long before it locks up.


I have already read lots of cool threads and cant wait to show more pics of my progress. I didnt hear any knocking or woners, it sounded good til it locked again.

The PDF link doesn’t do anything? Already have an account? Having done this I ran into issues connecting my mannual run stop switch and push button start. The 96 frame was rotten so I decided to use my original It didnt rattle or knock when it fires a few short times and it cranks and cranks with the starter before it locked up again.

On checking the Cdi unit I have found that I have 6 wires going into the cdi unit but all the wiring diagrams I’ve seen only show 5 for the 96 model. Trying to get the old thing going again.

Im getting ready to pull and crack the case open and have a peek. Recently I got the chance of a bayou that had also been sitting for a few years so Kawasali decided I would try and make 1 good bike out of the 2. New to atv’s but not to mechanical work.

Register a new account. What should i try first? I am building “Frank” or “Frankie” mahual monster cart with around 10 to 12 inch and 26’s.


No registered users viewing this page. Posted June 23, It also has to idle and warm up when you first start it which is really annoying now that its cold I discovered the carb was clogged, there was chunks of rust in the fuel valve, the choke lever was missing and other things.

Kawasaki Bayou – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

I tore the carb apart and rebuilt it and fiddled with the air screw and nothing changed. Enough background on it, the problem is this: I have a larger bayou rear axle merging with a honda shadow vtwin cc shaft drive bike and and yamaha golf cart. Sign in Already have an account? It floods if i push it past half throttle in 4th and 5th gear even going downhill and shifting correctly. A friend told me that it didn’t have enough compression.

Just here for manual 1 2 3 4 Here for a manual.