If you have never heard of planting in an earthbox, you are probably wondering what on earth is an earthbox? This article will help with. Making a self watering container or Earthbox™. A self watering container is a container that has a water reservoir built in. This reservoir waters the plants. My garden in May: Bell peppers in my jr earthbox. The one in the middle was planted too early and froze but since it has one leaf on it, I left it to see if it will .

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An Earthbox planter is a patented brand of self-watering gardening containers with many benefits for small-space gardening. They have appeared in PDFs and have been even been sold on eBay. Put two tomato plants or 5 peppers in each 14 gal roughneck.

Thanks for your comment, Stephen. Follow these steps to create hojemade own fabulous EarthBox click images to enlarge and read descriptions:. I’ve been asked what to do in place of PVC pipe for the watering tube. Im going to do a few of these boxes for doing a bit of a fall garden as I will be able to cover my lettuce radishes and other hhomemade easier in case of frost.

Put the base in the tote box drilled side upwedging it down as far as it will go, and positioning the pond basket directly under the big hole. Cut along this line. This one comes from Denise Slipka: Skip to main content.

Water in the pipe does keep them hydrated a heck of a lot longer than in the regular beds. Cut a hole in it for the pipe to fit through. Fill the box with soil the pond basket and the entire remaining box above the base. Aluminum tubing would probably also work fine.


We live in brutally hot north Texas. Since I love growing, canning and eating fresh produce, I strive to cultivate a maximum yield in the least amount of space. Note that because of the tarp, the lid may NOT snap neatly into place anymore. Identification An earth box is constructed with pipes and a filter screen so the planter has the capability of being a self-watering container.

Subscribe to this comment feed via RSS. Hi Deb, I purchased the ceiling grates from Home Depot a hardware storeand I would think most large hardware stores would carry them. Construction of the growing container takes an afternoon and results in the rewarding benefit of growing your rarthbox fresh produce.

I have a bunch I wanted to use for this. Another site mentioned concerns about using PVC piping. Home Guides SF Gate. September 29, No comments. All credit for this wonderful “less waste” idea goes to one of the people who’ve written to me about their Adventures in Self-Contained Gardening Systems, Linda Alldredge.

Set the empty earth box in the desired location before filling and planting. Which way does your house face and which backyard fence side are your plants? We’ll call this piece the “base.

A lid drilled with evenly placed holes creates a water reservoir under the soil when it is fit into place about 3 eartthbox from the bottom of the bin. The more straight-sided the box, the better.

Does anyone hommade the correct formula to make this happen? You may notice this type of planter requires less water overall and will collect excess water in the reservoir for less waste. I love my Homemade Earth Boxes! Small container for the amount of yield produced.

Homemade Earth Box Planter

I have used this system for 3 years. I no longer use PVC in any of my boxes.

Build your own EarthBox March Over the years I’ve harvested poles of bamboo for many uses, one use being the watering tube for my homemade [self-contained gardening system]. Print it out, and be sure homejade read the whole document before using your self-contained gardening system whether it’s commercial or homemade. This is a great way to plant your fall garden. About Jeanene My name is Jeanene.


It worked just as I’d intended, so here it is. You’re pretty much done. Larger growing space and water reservoir than the original Earth Box.

DIY Earth Box! Make it yourself | Winterwheat

Because the big hole in the base is smaller in diameter than the top of the pond basket, the pond basket will help support the weight of the eafthbox once the soil is on top. It’s a large file; give it time to load. I am trying to find instructions on how to cultivate an area ohmemade very hard clay soil with newspapers and allow the worms in my yard to do the work.

Planting Plant seeds or seedlings in an earth box filled with a high-quality potting soil mixed with a slow-release vegetable fertilizer. I offer them for everyone’s use, free of charge.

I am sorry for the delay in response first of all. Just click on the link.

Should I be watering the soil as well as putting water in the PVC pipe? I’d decided that drilling the holes in the lid to plant the seedlings through was pretty inconvenient if you were planting more than a couple of seedlings — the dirt balls wouldn’t always fit through the holes in the lid, so you had to plant them eartubox the box WITHOUT the lid and then put the lid on and feed the seedlings through the holes Do not use PVC pipe.

I LOVE your innovative reuse of materials!