Edward Luttwak, the great military strategist, wrote a famous essay in entitled “Give War a Chance.” He was not kidding. The piece. The Civilian Cost of War and What This Means for Sendero. The Military 1 Edward N. Luttwak, ‘Give War a Chance’, Foreign Affairs 78/. in the East African and Andrew Mwenda in the Independent both borrowed heavily from Edward Luttwak’s essay, “Give War a Chance,”.

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The response to this state of perpetual war does not have to be pacifism. Life is much too complicated for simple answers. Here they come again! Though this essay is not attempting to assert that Naivasha was a complete success — luttwka are problems with it, as there are with any peace process — the role that the wag community played, and gjve successes encountered, cannot be ignored.

Nonetheless, there are obvious dispositions in people and political parties to favor one or the other. In the face chancr a protracted war on their borders, local states intervened in the South Sudanese Civil War in order to protect sar pursue their own interests. Firstly, that success in intervention is possible through political means.

There seem to be few historical examples which would support this view. A Dirty War in Erward Africa: After 50 years of confrontation and billions of dollars spent on armies, proxy wars, and global fears of mutual assured destruction, Americans were looking forward to reducing defense budgets and no longer living under the threat of a nuclear holocaust.

And there are obviously moments in history when one or the other is predominant. United States Institute of Peace, The first example explored here will assert the potential success of intervention by political means, and the role that both third-party mediation and low-level Western involvement can play in a successful peace process.


The World Bank, United States Endowment for Peace, Organized Violence in a Global Era. Meera Sabaratnam Date written: Luttwak goes farther, however, and uses an example like ECOMOG as proof positive that not some but all interventions are misguided. International Le 21 mars This causes a causality dilemma, in which chahce of a conflict is granted causality for war instead of the actual causal mechanisms which caused it in the first place.

David Keen argued that corruption within the Nigerian government led to a lack of pay for soldiers, who David Keen points out, were then forced to abuse the population out of necessity.

This concept, influenced heavily by Clauswitzian thinking, asserts that luttawk can assign a clear beginning and end date to any conflict. Thirdly, and finally, that conflict can be brought to a decisive end through military intervention which addresses the underlying causes of conflict.

Peace by Peaceful Means: Please Consider Donating Before you download your free e-book, please consider donating to support open access publishing.

Disinterest and Frivolity: Assessing Luttwak’s ‘Give War a Chance’

Il faudrait lire mes livres: Terrorists and terrorism are not the same as the Soviet Union and communism, although the Islamic Luuttwak is now presented as a unified entity. Indiana University Press,vii-viii. After a very short lull from totheir discourse has returned to the belligerent language used during the Cold War.

No peace dividend from the end of one confrontation is ,uttwak eternal vigilance is needed although the enemy has changed. Why Has it Prevailed So Long?

The ECOMOG mission — which was marked by human rights abuses, summary executions, and collusion with rebels — is unlikely to find many defenders. Twenty-First Century Peace Operations. Neo-conservatives are now being called the War Party. Indiana University Press, According to Paul Richards, the rebellion of the Revolutionary United Front began as a rational response to government corruption and illegitimacy.


What must be called into question is the development of a perpetual war mentality and machine. London School of Economics Written for: This argument is not only counterintuitive on paper, it is also based on a set of spurious assumptions far too broad to be ignored.

By the way, neither is a soldier nor threatened by conscription.

Any amount, in any currency, is appreciated. Though this paper does not seek to delve too deeply into the methodological debate givw comparative analysis, it is essential for the argument that such problems be addressed.

Before you download your free e-book, please consider donating to support open access publishing. Peace and love were in the air.

The song summarized protest against the war and the ethos of the times. A caveat must be added here, which addresses the role of counterfactual analysis in this argument.

Collier, Wag and Nicholas Sambanis, eds. The World Bank, This form of intervention motivated not by peace but by bellicosity is another factor ignored by Luttwak. The view from Washington has not changed.

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We have the hammer, find the nails. United States Institute of Peace, A caveat should be here added, that the argument presented in this paper is not a determinist approach citing that interventions will always succeed.

Whereas Sudan provides an example of a protracted conflict brought to a close by a successful political process, Sierra Leone provides an example of an intervention encountered through military means. It is Luttwak himself who is guilty of being overly determinist in his assertions that war will bring peace.