Buy Das Wochenende by Bernhard Schlink (ISBN:) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Das Wochenende examines how their feelings have changed in the interval. It debates Bernhard Schlink was born in in Bielefeld, Germany. A lawyer, he. How do we like our terrorists now? Can a man with four murders to his credit, pardoned by the German state and released from prison after

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However, he appears like a shadow of his former self and hesitant to answer any questions about his past or his reflections during the long years in detention. You are commenting using your WordPress. He is accused of having no feeling. He adds into the mix three representatives of the next generation who have formed their own judgement on the “parent generation”.

Book review: Bernhard Schlink’s “Das Wochenende” and “Die Frau auf der Treppe” | Katevents

The shifts are also used to tell what happened in the past. His novel The Readerpublished inhas won prizes both at home and abroad and is now being filmed. I liked the story within the story and the philosophy in it.

Return to Book Page. F It started OK, but then I got bored quite quickly, maybe the tone of the book was lost in it’s translation?

Das Wochenende

Sorted out a lot of things for me in terms of German history, from to today, and including America nd the Arabs. There berjhard a lot going on in this short book, but the author was able to connect the storylines well and in a way that made sense. Andreas about his first lawsuit. As always, Schlink is an author worth perusing because he has something of importance to say to all of us. Conversely, critics seeking a more conventional novel rued the sluggish plot, wohenende characters, and unanswered questions.


However, more than anything it is the participation of two young men with opposing views and motivations for their presence, that breaks the apparent psychological comfort zone of the group.

The translation seems appropriate to the themes and is easy to read. She’s got a plan: But he also achieves an explanation for the nature of terrorism in wochenend time.

A complete edition of John James Audubon’s world famous The Birds of America, bound in linen and beautifully presented in a special slipcase. There is the issue of punishment, forgiveness, healing. Still, the plot is more internal than external. The book can be understood and misunderstood on so many levels. He calls father a Fas. German Book Prize He has been unexpectedly released from prison.

It’s not a quick read. In the end this is not a book about the past, but about people coming to terms with the past. I rather lost interest towards the end, and felt that maybe the author had done as well. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This is an excerpt from a review published in Bookmarks magazine. Once she was different: I liked the subject of this book, but I thought it was not well-written enough as to express strongly the dilemmas that the author wanted to express.

The Weekend by Bernhard Schlink: review

In his own defence, the ex-terrorist clings to the zeal with which the postwar generation in Germany took up a resistance that remained dormant bernhrd their own parents during the Nazi era.

Through his insightful portrayal of a group of personable friends all in their late fifties and the various shades of their relationships, Schlink very skilfully also embeds his own probing questions and concerns into the minds of his characters, exposing their wochenendd perspectives on the past and present.


Daardoor kan ik er niet meer van 2,5 sterren voor geven, afgerond naar beneden 2, want deze schrijver kan achlink meer. Lists with This Book. Wie geht das Leben weiter, wenn es 20 Jahre gestoppt worden ist? Of the two novels, this is the most recent one.

For a short novel it seemed quite long for some reason. He himself feels awkward being among them. Ilse gets the solution for her story: Schlikn does the portrait belong to? How was your life in prison? Thence my 3 stars. Schlink skillfully mines the tension between the passionate idealism of youth and the nagging uncertainties of middle age in “a wochenendd between The Big C Schlink’s latest foray into fiction is far more concerned with ideas than with plot development and characterization.

Ilse has concluded her thriller.

Yet some attendees do rather well: Homecominghis second novel, has just been published in the UK. Some critics were able to overlook this unusual format — a continuous succession of conversations — in favor of his astute exploration of the character and collective struggle of a country still mired in schlinkk horrors of its past. So much potential in this story, so many interesting characters – a journalist, a vicar, a doctor, a solicitor, a dentist — all reflecting on German history — checking that they are different then their shared shameful history…Jorg, wochejende protagonist of the story trying to justify and even understand his crimes of his youth…and then it really goes nowhere.