Does anyone know what the theory behind these antennas is? all i can seem to see is that the radiator is about a full wave – but what about the. Ok, I know I just posted about Moxon antennas, but doing an image search for moxon antennas led me to the CJU antenna. Amateur Radio,Projects,Antenna Designs, Double Quad Beam,2m & 70cm SSB, Ham Satellites I found the 70cm CJU or IO works well on mhz as well.

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CJU or IOIO Antenna for 70cm

I just got my ticket a week ago and have had a blast so far though I haven’t talked to anybody yet. So this is the option which fit to our necessities, we gave up searching and became to work. On one site,they give the spacing as 50 mm,but on another site it is 51 mm. Eerst heb ik de maten op een plaat-hout gezet daarop wat schroeven voor geleiding en buigen. Then we were looking around and we analyzed the antennas we usually use to receive UHF signal with enough gain.

The scale is 1 – 10, with 1 being poor and 10 being excellent. Well, in a couple of afternoons I have just built the prototype, now Pedro EB4DKA had to test it anrenna he is the expert at working in portable conditions.

Deze site maakt gebruik van cookies. We must give other hams the opportunity to make more contacts.

CJU antenna – Transmission1

If it’s still not acceptable, I’ll find a way to get to the local ham store only open during office hours to get a better coax. I’ll shorten it first to see how that works. Does anyone know antenma the theory behind these antennas is?


I just wish there was more information regarding the theory behind it and why the spacing between the driven element and reflector is what it is etc. The DXZone is the largest human created and maintained library of web sites dedicated to Amateur Radio, currently lists Je reageert onder je WordPress.

Also a couple of sites for pass times. My wish was to arouse your curiosity about the amazing world of ham satellites.

For the last months I have been looking at various sites to try to gather any information. As for the PL, it was all i had spare, so it’ll have to antehna for now! On this occasion we were thinking about how to improve our portable station to make it more efficient. Coax antrnna eraan …Antennemeter erop, en over de gehele 70cm goed. But it must be small enough to be directly attached to an HT. This antenna has a bit less gain than the seven elements Arrow antenna because the IOio antenna is equivalent to a four elements yagui antenna, but we have experienced that it has enough gain to receive the satellites comfortably.

CJU Antenna By:N6VOA | N6VOA | Pinterest | Ham radio and Ham

It might be just a design where you leave it as it is. The Arrow antenna has seven elements in a 1.

We must take a lime flower tee before pushing the PTT the first time, because when we listen to our self modulation you will get nervous and you will not be able to say your locator and report signal properly which are the minimal dates to validate the contact.


Maybe a cut and see approach.

Geef een reactie Reactie annuleren Vul je reactie hier in But still using the same dimensions and spacing for the reflector. Antenma used the inner diameter of the perch and it was perfect. Glad to see that you have made one.

Satellite Antenna Tips – Tips that may be of help with the most important part of an amateur ra But from the articles and videos I have seen, it is a directional, “point at your target” antenna. Get our latest news and links in your email. When somebody uses these frequencies because they do not know the rules we must try to explain them, we must always be polite.

I think that with this tool attached to an HT in your left hand and with the microphone of your mobile station in your right hand you will make satellite contacts successfully. Anyway, I built the CJU 70cm antenna and was surprised about something.

A bit slow at loading,but persevere. KO4MAJan 15, I know exactly how you feel regarding the dimensions etc. Do you enjoy making your own equipment or antennas?