ÍNDICE REMISSIVO DO LIVRO. ESTADO VIBRACIONAL:PESQUISAS, TÉCNICAS Projeciologia · , projetor · , propriocepção · 95, , O Livro Da Magia Sagrada de Abramelin o Mago o Livro Da Magia Sagrada de Abramelin o Mago Tabelas Projeciologia – Waldo Vieira.

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A conscious projector since the age of nine, he has been researching the consciousness and projeciologia waldo vieira out-of-body manifestations for more than 50 years. The state of individual free will, when connected to the evolutionary group. Archaic equivalent expressions that have been outworn through continued use: Parawoman — The extraphysical consciousness having the appearance of a woman or a projected projexiologia intraphysical consciousness.

Group of existential projeciopogia — The intraphysical meeting and personal experience of existential recyclers with the aim of attaining vieir experience of planned existential recyclings. Heterointrusion or interconsciential intrusion: Intrusiveness — Ill, interconsciential thosenic intrusion.

It is not an ideal consciential projection; lucid dream.

Intraconsciential compensation — The conscientiometric technique based upon the greater use projediologia a consciential attribute that is more developed strong trait over another, or other less developed consciential attributes weak traits in the micro-universe of the intraphysical consciousness.

Parapathology — Pathology of the vehicles of manifestation of the consciousness, excluding projeciologis human body or soma. Universalism — The set of ideas derived from the universality prjoeciologia the basic laws of nature and the universe which, through the natural evolution of the consciousness, inevitably becomes its dominant philosophy; cosmism.

As Vidas de Chico Xavier. Discoincidence — The state of non-alignment of the vehicles of manifestation of the consciousness holosoma. A more adequate expression than evolutionary orienter. Petifreeness — See intrusionlessness.


Instituto Internacional de Projeciologia e Conscienciologia

Evolutionary existential sequencing of the consciousness; successive existences; intraphysical rebirths in series. Blind guide — The amoral or inexperienced consciousness which helps another consciousness — in an anticosmoethical manner, prkjeciologia to its momentary egotistic interests — to the detriment of others.

Locked existence — Human experience or lifetime without the production of lucid projections; tropospheric human life with only unconscious, vegetative projections that are characteristic of the state of evolutionary paracoma; locked lifetime. The intermissive course objectifies consciential completism existential projeciologiia of the upcoming intraphysical life. Also referred to as holochakral seduction. Also referred to as holochakral seduction. Serenissimus — Popular name for Homo sapiens serenissimus.


Projeciologua is the progenitor of the sciences of projectiology and conscientiology, which he outlined in two treatises: This state is characterized by oneiric images with auditory effects and hallucinatory visions that continue after awakening. Sexosomatics — The specific study of the soma in regard to its sex, or sexosoma, and its relations with the intraphysical consciousness, whether male or female.

Existential inverter — The waaldo consciousness who is inclined to execute existential inversion in intraphysical life.

Vehicle of the consciousness — The instrument or body through which the consciousness manifests in intraphysicality intraphysical consciousness and in the extraphysical dimensions projected intraphysical consciousness and extraphysical consciousness. The intraphysical consciousness who is permanently and totally free of intrusion, and is completely self-aware of being in this condition as well as of all aspects that derive from it.

Extraphysical melancholy — The condition of extraphysical, postsomatic or post-mortem melancholy due to the unsatisfactory execution of the existential program; paramelancholy. Existential completism — The livrl wherein the existential program of the human consciousness is complete. Energivorous consciousness — Energy consuming or energy draining consciousness; in reference to intruder s. Consciential hyperspaces — Extraphysical consciential dimensions.


Existential completism — The condition wherein the existential program of the human consciousness is complete. Projective recess — The existential phase of the intraphysical consciousness characterized by the spontaneous cessation — almost always temporary — of lucid projective experiences, within a sequence of intensive experiences.

The consciential bond goes beyond the bieira bond. Get to Know Us. Extraphysical clinic — The extraphysical treatment center of the intraphysical epicenter penta practitioner. Intermissive course — The set of disciplines and theoretical and practical experiences administered to an extraphysical consciousness projeciologoa the period of consciential intermission.

Energetic harassment — see intrusion. Thosenization — The process whereby the consciousness generates thosenes.

Personal Energetic Task — pages; br. Extraphysical consciousness — Proeciologia paracitizen of an extraphysical society; a consciousness which no longer has a soma. Heterointrusion or interconsciential intrusion: Dermatologies of vieiraa consciousness — The compound expression attributed to the conventional, vieiar sciences that are subordinated to the Newtonian-Cartesian, proneciologia paradigm and focus their research only upon projeciollogia soma, because they do not avail themselves of the instrumentation necessary for direct, technical investigation of the consciousness itself; dermatologies of the intraphysical consciousness; periconsciential sciences.