Karnataka Management Aptitude Test (KMAT) Question Paper Answers Previous Year Old Paper MBA MCA Free Download KMAT Last. hi myself swetha, recently completed my bca. now whiling to do MCA so please send me the MCAkmat previous question papers of past. For admission to the MBA and MCA universities in Karnataka, the entrance test is Karnataka Management Aptitude Test (KMAT). The Karnataka Private.

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Napoleon took his turn at owning the portrait and had it hanging in his bedroom. Book A is written by Bond.

MCA kmat solved question papers? You can now attempt the KMAT test paper below as many times as you wish: If book D is written by Kumar, then which book does Anand write?

KMAT Papers Free Download Previous Years Question Papers

O is a cousin of F both being grandchildren and of the same gender. Kat many ways, she has inspired decades or admirers to react to this mysterious face. Cindrella walks in first. Average of three numbers a, b and c is Choose the option that bears an identical relationship with figure [c]. Painting stolen from the Louvre D. Difference between age of father and son is four times the age of the son.

Pspers the value of: InLisa’s husband asked her to finally accompany him on a trip to Calabria. T is paternal aunt of F and K who is a femaleF and K both being siblings of opposite gender.

What is the last digit of the number 27? It seems to look like Da Vinci’s profile. What is the probability that number is composite number? If HCF and LCM of two numbers are 16 and 64 respectively and one of the numbers is 16, then what is the second number?


The difference between the compound interest and simple interest for two years is Rs. It took 4 years to paint and even longer to try to get the mouth to look right. Directions for answering the questions are given in the Test Booklet before each group of questions. Being painted with oil on pinewood was a hard tedious task.

This thread papeers locked for new responses. She posed in for Leonardo at the age of 24 on a terrace over looking the mountains. The kid who walks between Aman and Sweety is dressed as: The portrait is now smaller since two columns were cut off. Ensure that your personal data has been entered correctly on Side 1 paperrs the Answer Sheet.

By giving the example of the table, the writer shows jca What is the KMAT fee structure? The average weight of 25 boys is 63 kg.

If every alternate symbol starting from first on the left is dropped, then which will be the 10th element from the right in the resulting series? Which number is present queestion the intersection of rows R1 and R6? However, as you discover more about yourself, you may find that the ‘right’ career choice for you is driven by more personal factors.

MCA kmat solved question papers?

B] In the absence of administrative control, local goons sold false tickets. If R drives LMV, then which of the following statement is true? Two persons A and B can complete a job in 6 hrs and 9 hrs respectively.

There is papere negative marking. C and Q ride together on the same bike if the bike is Hona. It gives another option to the couples who cannot have their own children.


Choose the option that best shows what the paper would look like when unfolded to normal size. The government should discontinue the subsidy on quedtion. Match the dates on the left column with the events on the right. A man travels from point A to point B which are 80 km apart in 16 hrs and covers another 40 km from point B to point C in 8 hrs. Mark [1], if A should be the course of action. T and C never ride the same motorbike.

KMAT Question Papers & Download Previous Papers in pdf

Perhaps his quaint tale about a non-violent triumph over oppression and kca seemed too far from the set formula of commercial cinema.

The dimension of the painting was 77 x 53 cm. Mark [1], if A is the cause and B is the effect. The cloning of any species, whether they be human or non-human, is ethically and morally wrong III.

A] Should have FDA approval, should have faced atleast one audit. A particular writer writes books only on one of the 5 subjects given above and, 1.

Mark [3], if x is equal to y. A, B and C start a business by investing Rs. This leads to the dramatic conclusion that we are not and by definition can never be objective!