: King, Warrior, Magician, Lover: Rediscovering the Archetypes of the Mature Masculine (): Robert Moore, Douglas Gillette: Books. King, Warrior, Magician, Lover has ratings and reviews. Douglas Gillette King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Robert L. Moore The Hero With a. four archetypes of manliness manhood king warrior magician lover by Jungian psychologist Robert Moore and mythologist Douglas Gillette.

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Apr 07, Steve Kruppa rated it really liked it. A lost lover who seeks something that doesn’t exist as ‘we seek the perfect vase-like body to drink for our lusts but never getting enough.

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My scouts tell me their archers are miles away and no threat to us. Want to Read saving…. The powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.

He will rather use it as a weapon, ready to strike when the kijg is the most devastating. He is unable to defend himself psychologically and allows others to manipulate and mess with him. I was so excited, in fact, that I didn’t think twice about ordering 1-day shipping when I got it on amazon!

The Masochist is amd passive pole of the Shadow Warrior.

He is passionate, and delights in touching and being touched. And when you love, God’s light shines on you. At the end of the book are some exercises to help the male reader to understand the parts of his life that need further development. I have used this with many clients in the consulting business and almost without exception they have found it both useful and enlightening.


One of the main arguments in the book is that in the modern magixian we have shunned rituals and ceremonies that traditionally ‘killed’ the boyhood and gave ‘birth’ to manhood. Aug 24, Joan rated it liked it.

King, Warrior, Magician, Lover (KWML) – archetypes of the mature Masculine »

Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. If he is a wise and just king, the kingdom prospers, people eat ny and are safe from harm. The Magician is the thinker, and all knowledge that requires special training is his domain. He works in covert ways to undermine others. The bestselling, widely heralded, Jungian introduction to the psychological foundation of a mature, authentic, and revitalized masculinity.

Jun 25, Leah rated it it was ok Shelves: Boyhood snd come to dominate the male population of Western culture, and manhood discarded as dark, destructive, scary, and problematic.

The book helps in a way yo build maturity in boys.

The chapter on the Lover talked about the Addicted Lover and the Impotent Lover, but many of the examples used for the Lover per se were really just as bad as the shadow forms. Let’s talk Follow on Twitter My latest tweet: It was worth the effort. While an information product on how to work on the archetypes in our daily lives is in the pipeline, I want to outline a few practices and give some brief advice on how to identify which of your archetypes are healthy and which ones aren’t we will often mature in the four archetypal quadrants in parallel, but there may be some discrepancies.

There are a couple statements that lead me to believe they may be Islamophobic. It’s a painful fact that anything that is not brought into light ends up controlling our lives from the shadows. It also forced me as a man to take a look at Interesting book. He governs the observing ego, and is the meditator that reveals the truth of the universe, the shaman who communicates with the ancestors and stars. It’s that he is not able to. It elucidates on four main male archetypes – the King, the Warrior, the Magician, and the Lover – each of which as an immature and a mature pole.


The corporate “yes man,” the wife-beater, the hot-shot male junior executive and the emotionally distant father are all boys pretending to be men, observe the authors of this liberating guide to self-transformation. I found a lot of value in learning about the archetypes their positive and negative manifestations and seeing how they show up in my own life.

The four archetypes show their power from the first. Mooore this interview, our first new content on Masculinity-Movies. The Man has subjugated his ego and turned it into an ally. Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, Old Time is still a-flying: Gillettee have experienced something remarkable in studying the archetypes — where most conceptual learning has a tendency to make me feel heady and intellectual, reading about the archetypes has an odd pull downw ards and inwards.

Hero Within – Rev. His degradation of others and all beauty is limitless, as everything good, true, and beautiful reminds him of his own shortcomings.