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Find the most up-to-date version of JSA – JIS Z at Engineering JIS Z Standard conditions of the test site. Standard Atmospheric Conditions for Testing 1. This standard application range, the temperature of the . JIS Z Standard atmospheric conditions for testing (FOREIGN STANDARD). standard by Japanese Industrial Standard / Japanese.

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For the latter, however, the conducted electromagnetic test method given in 5.

JIS Z 8703:1983

However, voltages that are induced and impressed by transient voltages and electro-magnetic disturbances are not included. Jos the test specimen out of the chamber, then keep it for 2 hours or more jiss room temperature, test it according to 5.

Subsequent operations shall be as follows: Type Js and Type D These are the tests which assume the transient voltages generated upon load damping classified in 1 above.

Type B and Type E Of major transient voltages classified in the foregoing, these tests are based on the assumption of 23 and 4 above; that is jiz say, these transient voltages of mutative polaritythat generate when inductive loads connected to the vehicle electric circuit are cut off, are assumed.

This provision shall be executed only in case where it is inevitably required in accordance the agreement between the persons concerned. Then take the test specimen out of the chamber, keep it for 2 hours 2 or more under room temperature. As for the high output transmitter for the testit is considered convenient to use the transmitters with frequency bands for amatures 1.

JIS Z – Free download ASME ICC CSA ASTM Codes

Further, for comprehensive evaluation of the equipment including the 87003 of wiring and grounding when it is fitted on a vehicle, a test impressing electromagnetic field directly is sometimes necessary as the technical report of SAE J for instance.

Further, as for the intensity of interference magnetic field for tests by means of magnetic fields, the test method alone is specified due to the lack of adequate date to establish a standard.

According to the previous provision, a resistance of 2 ohms or diode had been required to be inserted in the transient voltage generating circuit of the power supply system between the power source and the test specimen.


However, since JIS K is the standard to specify the testing the testing the physical properties of sulfurized rubber, only the provision for resting oil was referred in those standards and in respect of the method of testing, a unique method newly developed to judge whether the test shall be required or not and the testing conditions were specified, it is considered not necessary for the equipment to be installed inside car room to be immersed 8730 oil.

Then take the test specimen out of the chamber ,place it immediately in the constant temperature chamber adjusted to the high temperature specified in Table 12 keep it in the chamber for the time specified in Table The test apparatus shall consist of a capacitor C to store electrostatic energy and a discharging resistor Rd, that are integrated in a discharging probe, and shall keep the length of each grounding constants so that the reproducibility of the tests may be easily carried out.

Explanatory note on JASOD General rules of environmental testing methods for automotive electronic equipment This explanatory note has been issued for a purpose to explain the matters specified in the text of this standard and any matter relating thereto, which shall not be any part of this standard. Typical values of transient voltages under the above mentioned conditions are as follows. Major portions revised and matters discussed as problem at committee meeting The revisions on this time were made based on the results of review of testing items covering the general requirements for environment and efforts to make the format and style of this standard in better order so as to make it in accordance with JIS Z as well as the modification made as the results of comparison with the similar international standards.

A power supply device, input device s and loading device s. Therefore, such details are left to the agreement between the persons concerned.

Confirm also the appearance, etc. Of above mentioned transient voltages.

JIS Z – Standard atmospheric conditions for testing (FOREIGN STANDARD)

Record the characteristics of 2 the equipment accordingly. Thereafter, successively record the characteristics of the equipment, according to above mentioned 1 or 2. Test apparatus a power supply device, input device sloading device s and a constant temperature chamber capable to maintain the temperature within the allowable range shown in Table 8 regarding each setting temperature specified in Table 7 shall be used. General rules of environmental testing methods for automotive electronic equipment 1.


It is also expected that the voltage may rise near to the primary inductive voltage at the time when the breaker is connected, according to the condition of arc discharge suppression. A power supply device, input device s and loading devices s.

Test method of JIS D shall be carried out by means with the dust for test of the class 8 or the class 6 specified in iis. As for the intensity of interference electromagnetic field to be impressed in the test, the numerical values of 0.

Although every type of electromagnetic wave should be included in the applicable frequency range, the provision is established mainly for the frequency band from MF medium frequency band to UHF ultra high 873 band that have the great effect in daily operation. The differences between the JIS C and JIS C are that the former is a test in which mist is continuously sprayed, while the latter is a cycle test in which mist spraying and zz it are altertively repeated, for the provision for the old JIS Cit was decided to refer the JIS C The test order of setting temperature is not particularly specified.

Therefore care must be taken, for condensers in particular, since the Indicated and actual capacities of condensers are qpttodiffer each other.

After the test above, jjis test in 5.

The additional operations shall be carried 2 out subsequent thereto as specified hereunder: Even equipments installed in the vehicle room are subject to severe temperature conditions if they are so located as exposed to direct rays of sunshine when the vehicle is parked at a high temperature are.

When establishing the provision for the standard, only open circuit was assumed, because the duration of transient voltage tends to prolong significantly when the ignition circuit is opened as compared with the case where the circuit is closed.

Of load dampings, A-2 and D-2 are the tests for transient voltages caused by the inverse electromotive force of the stator coil.

Definitions Definitions of major terms used in this standard are as follows: