JBL 12 in LF Driver with a 64 mm ( in) Edge Wound Ribbon Voice Coil – for greater efficiency and Power handling; Ferro-fluid Cooled Compression Driver. Find great deals for JBL JRXM 12″ Two-way Watt Stage Monitor JRX m. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Find great deals for 2 JBL JRXM Stage Monitor Speaker Pair. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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Not satisfied with those reviews?

Anyone used JBL JRXM speakers?

If jrd112m can afford to spend the extra money, I’d highly recommend it. Apart from the obvious better looks and higher power handling, what else would you say is greatly improved?

Hi I’m new to this group so I hope I’m posting in the right place here. For what they are, the jrx speakers get the job done and although others might disagree, I have abused the crap out of some of them and never had any problems. They ibl priced well and knowing what I know now I am happy we chose these.

I use the jrxs, s, and ms on a regular basis. I’ll check out the Yamaha’s but for now it sounds like the s might be a good bet for me.

JBL JRXM-CVR-CX Convertible Cover JRXM-CVR-CX B&H Photo

Basically, I, like many others, am trying to start up a sound and lighting hire company and as I’m an experienced DJ I’m using some of the equipment to do mobile DJing while the company gets going. The full list is here if anyone’s interested http: Write a user review Ask for a user review. One of the clubs that I work at has a few of these and without even cranking them up all the way, you can tell how powerful they are.


The frequency response graph looks similar except the s go about 20Hz lower, but this shouldn’t be a problem if I’m using the subs, should it? Clarity, overall sound quality. Thanks for your reply. Please login or register.

Did you find this review helpful? I have used JBL monitors in the past and the handles where not made of steel. And if anyone’s interested and still reading I’d be happy to post my findings about all of my equipment. These things are loud and very big sounding.

Crowd control is major in my line of work DJ and these will take care of the crowd for you. There is always something “better.

Jjrx112m monitor has steal handles on it, and that is something to be thankful for because carrying it around is a lot easier with that steel handle. Be mindful that “frequency response” gives no indication of cabinet resonance – this is what will complicate your GBF and can only be known with some acoustic testing.

Read times Paul Hill Jr.

I use a couple of the “Sound Factor” versions of these de-rat furred for a number of things – very successfully: This amp is not powered but the peak power capacity is Watts with 8 ohms. Bass and thump is everything in a live club and the JRXM fit that description perfectly. My favorite part about these monitors is the sound, plain and simple.


You can use it on a pole or floor wedge positions. Paul Hill wrote on Tue, 22 May Tops for drum fill FOH on speech only gigs poles FOH on small bar gigs – when there is no time or inclination to do much more than vocals poles Some “cabaret” type things.

Sort by most recent most useful. Log in Become a member. For roughly the same price, they have a much better reputation for sounding good. I’ve taken a booking for a temporary installation of all of the aforementioned JBL speakers and subs that starts in a few weeks and lasts for around 2 months.

All user reviews for the JBL JRX112M

Request a new review. I would not choose any other monitor in this price range over these because of the bass and clarity they provide.

Prepare for a chorus of this but take a look into the Yamaha SM 12V’s. The LF driver size is 12 inches with a 1 inch HF driver. If you already have them, I would say that they would serve your purpose fairly well. Can you do better? Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. I think they are outstanding for the very low price. If I could change something about them, it would probably be the weight, I do wish they were a little lighter to take a little strain off of us carrying it around.