File:El embrujado From Wikimedia English: Representación de la obra de teatro El embrujado, de Ramón María del Valle-Inclán. Valle-Inclán and the theatre: innovation in La cabeza del dragón, El embrujado, and La marquesa Rosalinda. Front Cover. Xavier Peter Vila. Bucknell University . : Valle-Inclan and the Theatre: Innovation in LA Cabeza Del Dragon, El Embrujado, and LA Marquesa Rosalinda () by Xavier .

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The three youths have been bitten by a rabid wolf. He was painted, described and studied. She is called Madre Silva. In order to rid the person of this suffering, the tormented soul had to be exorcised. In this instance, even a man of God uses superstition to aid him in his evil doings. It is this belief that the combination of the superstition and religion may provide the necessary weapons in their fight against evil. The fascinador can be a hermit, witch, vagabound, thief etc. From reading the palm Madre Silva recites the owner’s story.

This image ell not be in the public domain in these countries, which moreover do not implement the rule of the shorter term. In order to ascertain what has rl to the boy’s father she uses her mysterious powers: If the Church cannot be of aid then the people turned to the occult services of these village witches. Views View Edit History. From birth she had been kept hidden through sorcery.

File:El embrujado Valle.JPG

When the doors rattle it is useless embrujadk tell her that the cause is the freshened wind of the night: Could not God bestow upon Antonia his Grace and aid her in saving her soul? The mother complains a few times about a black cat near her but it is only after the death of his mother that the boy realizes that Bretal had been the cat that had plagued his mother.


She is mebrujado old woman of great repute. Green eyes are a sign of malevolent forces.

While Basilisa runs around the room with embtujado olive branch sprinking holy water, Antonia’s mother grabs Antonia by the hair to make her stop thinking of Bretal, thus ridding themselves of the tormenting cat. Emotionally, Antonia’s mother is a portrait of contrasts. She is described as being devout, but also has powerful, mysterious powers.

She turns to the local witch to mete out her revenge. She would rather see Antonia dead than be with him. The boy totally believes that Bretal is the devil and has done his utmost to bewitch Antonia.

She has a pair of scissors in one inclaj and a cross in the other. His customs, habits, tastes and his likes were well known.

When the captain and his followers return to their cave, the old woman is there waiting for them. A dwarf kept her prisoner. The narrator starts to tremble.

Superstition in Valle-Inclán’s Jardín umbrío, El Pasajero nº 22, estío

He points to the mirror where he sees a shrouded figure with a knife at his throat. She is a devout and caring woman, however, she cannot abide Bretal. This work is in the public domain in its country of vvalle and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus 70 years or less.

Power that had been given to him by the devil. Interestingly, their first choice is to consult the saludador de Cela. The black glove, then, is the folkloric theme which Valle uses as an expression of the demonic aspect in every human being embrujaro is found next to the angelic spirit.


Mi madre era muy bella, blanca y rubia, siempre vestida, con guante negro en una mano, por la falta de dos dedos, y la otra, que era como una camelia, toda cubierta de sortijas. Ahora mismo estoy oyendo las silenciosas pisadas del Alcaide Carcelero! Her dislike for the boy seems unreasonable. Then he turns into a black cat upon leaving Antonia’s mother.

He is the servant of God, but he has used or cast a mal de ojo over Beatriz in order to seduce and rape her.

Valle-Inclan and the Theatre : Xavier Vila :

The young girl is a lamiaa folkloric character well incla to the Galician people, according to Rita Posse She had had a dream that the Countess was calling her, and so she came to her immediately. Usually the fascinador is a marginal member of society, that is, they live on the fringes of society, limiting their contact with it.

She is cognizant of all the spells to use, good vzlle evil, but uses them within the guidelines of the Catholic religion. She orders the saludadora to inclann up a spell against the priest so that he may die. Through these short stories we can see the importance of the role of saludadora within Galician society. Note that a few countries have copyright terms longer than 70 years: This page was last edited on 9 Novemberat One night Basilisa comes for him.