Dutchman is a play written by African-American playwright Amiri Baraka, then known as LeRoi The play’s title evokes images of Dutch ships that carried slaves across the Atlantic. The subway car itself, endlessly traveling the same course. Dutchman. Amiri Baraka. CHARACTERS. CLAY .. Your grandfather was a slave, he didn’t go to Harvard. CLAY My grandfather was a night watchman. ~. Amiri Baraka, born Leroi Jones in , is a poet, playwright, novelist, critic, and politcal activist. Best known for his highly acclaimed, award-winning play.

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I could definitely see Jones tbe much of his anger, criticism, and rebellious nature into Vessels character. Jan 29, Eileen Ying rated it really liked it.

You mean because I loved you and was married to you He could not have known that lsave moment he would not follow her rules, she would amiru him and even kill him. In the Dutchman, we witness a subway ride with Clay, a earlys middle class black man, and Lula, a closer to 30, provocative wh The Dutchman and the Slave are two plays by Leroi Jones Amiri Baraka from Books by Amiri Baraka. She tells Clay to invite her out to the party he is going to.

The ending was sad and powerful as it opened to the prologue that preceded Act I, where Vessels is an old man with nothing left. Published January 1st by Harper Perennial first published It highlights the inherent conflict between white liberal intellectuals and African Americans struggling barzka oppression.

After the assassination of Malcolm XBaraka left his wife and their two children and moved to Harlem. Clay is gladdened by Lula’s apparent liking for him and maintains a hopeful attitude to having sex together. Thw ending of Dutchman is laughable – it reminds me of something a moderately gifted student in a high school creative writing course would come up with. It depicts the desire to be known as equals, but also the betrayal felt by the African-American population of the United States of America following broken promises.


In Dutchman and The Slave, both plays published inAmiri Baraka he was still LeRoi Jones at the time presents two plays that explore a search for Black identity and consciousness and a question of sanity. The play, which won an Obie Award. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This play is nothing but a poor description of racism and murder. After dhtchman anonymous letter to his commanding officer accusing him of being a communist led to the discovery of Soviet writings, Baraka was put on gardening duty and given a dishonorable discharge for violation of his oath of duty.

When Lula killed him, that moment was a shock to me and really an him a martyr in a sense that he died upholding his self-respect and principles.

It also showed how much of a marginalized insecure person Lula is. Readers must understand the role Amiri Baraka played in the Black Arts Movement in order to truly understand the racial stereotypes, religious discontent, social struggle and equality that African-Americans had to or have to endure. Clay, representing African-Americans who believed in the political promises, is disappointed and frustrated to have been played once more. Dutchman and the Slave Leroi Jones No preview available – Dutchman shows the tense relationship between white and black society.

His revolutionary and now antisemitic poetry became controversial.

Dutchman & The Slave

And then, maybe one day, you’ll find they actual do understand exactly what you are talking about, all the fantasy people. The second play “The Slave” left me shocked, angry, and broken in a few ways.

However, after reading Malcom X The Ballot or the Bullet, I could see that there was something I had not understood through my first reading: Best known for slzve highly acclaimed, award-winning play “Dutchman,” as well as “The Slave, The Toliet,” and numerous ane collections. His acclaimed controversial play Dutchman premiered in and received an Obie Award the same year.


She derides his being black and passive. We don’t know if these are real or conveniently made-up by Lula.

Retrieved from ” https: Clay accuses Lula of knowing nothing but “luxury”. I’m in the minority here, I know, but I thought that these plays were painfully bad.

Lula represents white Americans and Clay, Afro-Americans who know they deserve equal rights. Who is also literally drunk. Books and Writers kirjasto. The characters are abstract representations of themselves. The story is drowning in the dramatization of religious symbolism.

Dutchman and the Slave – Leroi Jones – Google Books

I pictured Jones speaking this as his character of Clay likely would. On the other hand, I applaud L. Jun 16, Nikhil rated it it was ok Shelves: Therefore, when Clay threatens her, she kills him.

Baraka formerly le roi jones sharply addresses black-white relations in this country through a semi-surreal encounter between a sultry white woman and pseudo-intellectual, black poet on a hot new york subway ride. As this is an allegory for the social and political climate of the time, the death of Clay is the death, or incarceration in prison, of all those who stood up to the unjust laws, and attempted to be in control of the conversation as much as any white Americans could be.

May 25, Adira rated it it was ok Duthman They illuminate as with a flash of lightning a deadly serious problem–and they bring an eloquent and exceptionally powerful voice to the American theatre. Jun 16, V rated it really liked it Shelves: I liked The slave a lot more.